Donut Chart for Elementor

Donut Chart for Elementor (or doughnut chart) is a circular graphic whose total ring area corresponds to 100%. Just like a pie chart, each of its slices represents a proportional relationship of parts to a whole.

Because of its resemblance to the well-known pie chart, your audience will understand a donut chart effortlessly. Indeed, the donut chart is even easier to read: since its center is empty, it is not necessary to compare the angles and the sizes of the whole ‘slices,’ shifting the focus only to the arcs’ length.

Donut Chart is a part of Graphist – 12 Elementor widgets set for creating such chart types: LineBarPieDonutGaugeDotsBi-polar LineBi-polar BarMultiline BarStacked BarAreaHoles.

The Graphist is a charting WordPress plugin that activates a set of widgets for the Elementor Builder. The widgets allow you to create different kinds of graphs and charts for a bright and clear display of quantitative data on your websites.

The plugin was built on the popular Chartist.js library, which is known for its flexible settings, wide charting capabilities, and adaptability. The graphs creation can be useful for displaying various kinds of reports or statistics. Regardless of the amount and type of data, the Graphist set of widgets will help to visualize them in a form convenient for you.

You can learn more about the settings for this widget from the article about Donut Chart Widget of the Graphist plugin.