Templates for Synopter Elementor Addon

This is an example of Synopter Template #1

Weather report from anywhere in the World

The Synopter is easy-to-use weather forecasts WordPress plugin. It is based on OpenWeatherMap API and works with a free API key which involves some limitation, but the service provides for paid plans to get expanded opportunities.

Location: London Population: 1000000
22°C Feels like 22°C
40% 43% 4m/s 270deg

This is an example of Synopter Template #2

Boston United States
57% 75% 8m/s
Missouri United States
34% 20% 4m/s
New York United States
53% 0% 5m/s
Washington United States
49% 72% 2m/s

More Than Just a Weather Widget

Synopter setup takes a few seconds to get and enter the necessary data about a specific place, and the weather for that place will be displayed on your site.

This is an example of Synopter Template #3

On vacation in Berlin

Hot offer for Platinum Season Pass holders

Munich , Germany
73% 100% 1m/s 313deg

This is an example of Synopter Template #4

Weather Anywhere

Synopter allows you to get the weather in large cities and in the most remote corners of the world.

Paris France
Madrid Spain
Rome Italy

This is an example of Synopter Template #5

Colorado Population: 0
68°F Feels like: 65°F
Pressure: 1022hPa Humidity: 12% Cloudy: 0% Wind speed: 16mil/h Wind direction: 150deg

Weather characteristics display control

The widget comes with a fully customizable layout to get the most informative weather block to suit your needs. It includes current weather for a certain location. You can manage the display of different weather characteristics and choose icons for each of them from the library or upload your own icon in SVG format.